Funding of projects can be made possible through the EUREKA and Eurostars programs. The programs are the leading European platforms for industry-led, applied, close-to-market research. Within these programs "Calls for R&D Project Outlines" are regulary launched. The aim of these calls is to facilitate:
  • Industrial R&D partnering between the most technology intensive MNEs, SMEs, academia and research institutes
  • Creation of new high tech R&D consortia between countries
  • Funding of market oriented R&D projects  



Projects between Swiss and Finnish organizations are welcomed on a bilateral (multilateral) basis. Applications are received continuously.
For Finland, Tekes’s programme "Bits of Health" provides services when developing a business network-based ecosystem, increasing business and client understanding and comprehending consumer behaviour. The programme offers funding for research, development and innovation projects. Co-creation with end-users and piloting in early developmental phase in real user environments is encouraged. Each organisation has its own form of public funding, grant or loan, as defined in Collaboration projects can be implemented as Eureka Projects which means that Tekes will fund the Finnish partner(s).


Switzerland & Sweden regularly launch "Switzerland-Sweden Call for R&D Project Outlines" within the EUREKA and Eurostars programs. The sixth bilateral call for R&D Project Outlines was launched on 14 September 2016, and fouceses on the development of innovative products and services within life sciences. Deadline for submission is 20 January 2017. More information about the current Call can be found here


Information on the funding mechanisms is available on the following websites:
EUREKA Funding                     Eurostars Funding